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An introduction to modern work

Welcome to the Modern Work podcast. I’m Katherine Conaway, and I talk to people about the work they do & how they got there. 

Episodes feature in-depth 1:1 interviews and the show notes will include each person's bio, links, and notes from our conversation. 

This introduction episode features clips from interviews from upcoming episodes conducted with various remote workers & digital nomads

About katherine

I quit my job as a producer at a design studio in NYC in June 2014 to travel and ended up getting some freelance work at the same time, so I decided to keep going while I had the income... and here I am, still traveling full time, way longer than I ever would have imagined.

For the past 3+ years, I've been a freelance consultant, producer, editor, and writer.

I've had some main clients: For the first 2.5 years, I was the head of production for Public Persona, a small branding studio. Since December 2016, I've been managing PR and partnerships for Bluffworks, a men's travel clothing company.

I write essays on Medium, and I cowrote and self published a book this spring (The Digital Nomad Survival Guide). I'm working on a book proposal, and I've started attending travel, digital nomad, and writing conferences and workshops this year.



As someone who's been traveling full-time for 3+ years while working remotely, I am constantly meeting people - fellow travelers and remote workers, business travelers and expats, vacationers and backpackers, and locals.

As I asked questions about their lives and careers, the stories I heard fascinated me. I decided to sit them down & press record so that I could share those conversations with other people.