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Oh, The 52 Places You Could Go With The New York Times

Oh, The 52 Places You Could Go With The New York Times

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Though this podcast so far has featured hour-long, one-on-one interviews with people about their education, careers, and passion projects, I also will be including other types of episode content.

For example, I’ll edit together segments from interviews into themed episodes - such as being on Remote Year, or going to art school, or working as a developer. I may do features on certain tools and apps that people use in their work today, or discuss research about modern-work-related topics like open offices or distributed teams or work-life balance.

This episode is an essay I wrote earlier this month. It’s one of the first times I’ve gotten some of my thoughts together in a cohesive manner on the topic of the digital nomad lifestyle & the purpose of travel writing, both of which are personally important to me and also trending topics today.


This fall, The New York Times released a job posting: a writer to visit the destinations listed in their 52 Places to Go in 2017. Their Facebook post announcing it went viral, and thousands of people have applied.

But it isn’t the dream vacation it appears to be at first glance.

My essay in response to The New York Times job posting outlines why:

Oh, The 52 Places You Could Go With The New York Times

The four categories I discuss in my essay about the reality and significance of the position & opportunity:

  1. Rigor of visiting 52 places in 52 weeks
  2. Standard of NYT journalism & impact on local economies
  3. Importance of educational & culturally appreciative storytelling
  4. Awareness of role & privilege as a traveler
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Katy Fowler, Freelance Translator

Katy Fowler, Freelance Translator

Laura Hansen, Graphic Designer

Laura Hansen, Graphic Designer