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Jason Piersialla, Programs Team Manager at Remote Year

Jason Piersialla, Programs Team Manager at Remote Year

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Jason Piersialla


Jason travels the world with Remote Year, helping to ensure a seamless journey for their Remotes. He was the Operations Manager for Battuta, Remote Year's second group, from February 2016 - January 2017, and is now a Programs Team Manager. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling to new places, going hiking, and meeting street dogs. 


Episode: Jason Piersialla, Programs Team Manager at Remote Year



  • Operations Manager for Remote Year Battuta (Feb 2016 - Jan 2017)
  • Grew up in suburbs of Chicago
  • Illinois State University - Political Science 
  • Interested in politics, public policy, and environmentalism
  • Grew up outdoors, going to national parks, dad worked at a zoo


  • Studied international relations, how the world works together, how policies are made and change things
  • Minored in Middle Eastern and South Asian studies
  • International relations courses might cover broad subjects like what the UN is and how it works, or something more specific like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Studied abroad senior year in Argentina, found a marketing internship in Buenos Aires, and stayed in Argentina (skipped graduation)


  • Got a job in Cambodia managing Soksabike, a social enterprise in Badumbang, at a company that trained local college students to speak English and give them work experience
  • Cultural differences of people wanting to take on management / leadership roles
  • Studied abroad earlier in college in Bangkok, Thailand, and chose it because it was essentially a free exchange program 
  • Making international travel a priority in life
  • Finding programs and scholarships and opportunities to do things & get financial help, but you have to seek it out
  • Moved back to Chicago after Cambodia, felt the pressure of settling down and getting a good job with insurance, doing odd jobs while applying 
  • Moved to Finland for three months working with huskies at a sled dog company; lived in a cabin with one other person in freezing cold - found the job via workaway
  • Got a job at a digital consulting agency, fully remote company, working in operations on company internal policy and procedures 
  • Being organized is often mostly about writing everything down & then sort it out
  • Got laid off and applied to “business” jobs in New York
  • Applied to work at Remote Year and got the job
  • The difference between applying to jobs just for the sake of getting a job vs. being really excited about a company & position

Remote Year

  • Becoming staff on Remote Year, developing the role along with the program evolving
  • Operations Manager for Remote Year: coordinate and execute everything for the group, facilitate relationships and events for the group on the ground, fulfilling the deliverables of the company (apartment, workspace, travel)
  • Our Remote Year itinerary in South America, Europe, and SE Asia (1 month in each place): Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; La Paz, Bolivia; Cusco, Peru; London, England; Prague, Czech Republic; Belgrade, Serbia; Split, Croatia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Koh Phangan, Thailand; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Challenges of joining a group like Remote Year, adjusting to international travel, working remotely
  • Remote Year “breaking” cities but also building up infrastructure and technological innovations
  • The benefit of Remote Year being a year-long experience is getting to recover from and grow through experiences and challenges together, we move forward from our hard moments and develop our relationships with each other
  • Remote Year 2 Battuta demographics: age 23 - 65, average age of 29
  • Transitioning from Operations Manager to Programs Team Manager, train and support program leaders
  • Managing time differences of working US hours while traveling in other time zones; Remote Year's two itinerary options
  • Being in (and breaking out of) bubbles as a traveler - whether that bubble is being alone, groups of people from hostels, or Remote Year
  • The benefit of Remote Year (the program and the network) versus traveling on your own
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Jason is still working for and traveling the world with Remote Year, now as a Programs Team Manager (helping with various groups instead of leading one). 

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