All in Interview

Rebecca Rubin, Marketing Coach

Rebecca Rubin is a feel-good marketing coach for women entrepreneurs and runs her own business, The Pursuit of Fabulous. In this interview, we discuss what a marketing coach is, how Rebecca built her business up from side hustle to full-time, and how she works with her clients remotely - both from her home base in DC and while traveling the world.

Katy Fowler, Freelance Translator

Katy Fowler is a freelance translator, working from German and Italian into English. She was a member of Remote Year’s second group, Battuta, and lives in Hampshire, England. She studied languages and translation & interpretation, worked at a bird park and as a tour guide throughout Europe, did interpretation for the European Union, and is now a translator. 

Laura Hansen, Graphic Designer

Laura Hansen is a freelance graphic designer & owner of LaHa Design. She was a member of Remote Year’s second group, Battuta, and now lives in Columbus, Ohio. In this interview, we discuss her education at SCAD, her work at advertising agencies in Dallas and New York, going freelance and founding LaHa Design, and case studies of several of her projects, including the Remote Year Battuta Yearbook.