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Rebecca Rubin, Marketing Coach

Rebecca Rubin, Marketing Coach

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Rebecca Rubin


Rebecca Rubin is a feel-good marketing coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps her clients write content that makes waves in the online world and overcome their inner blocks to writing and visibility. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and more.

Rebecca studied Communications and Psychology at Vanderbilt University. Her company is The Pursuit of Fabulous, and she’s currently based in Washington DC.


Episode: Rebecca Rubin, Marketing Coach


In this interview, we discuss what a marketing coach is, how Rebecca built her business up from side hustle to full-time, and how she works with her clients remotely - both from her home base in DC and while traveling the world. She also talks about the surprising consequences of being on Remote Year and her advice for people who think what they want isn’t possible for them.


Show Notes

  • Rebecca Rubin is a marketing coach who runs her own business, The Pursuit of Fabulous. Rebecca started her business three years ago. In 2016, she was a member of Remote Year 2: Battuta. At the time of this interview, RY2 was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for their 9th month.

  • How she got started in marketing and created her own business as a marketing coach on the side until it could become her full-time career

  • What being a marketing coach entails and how she works with her clients (from free materials to group programs to exclusive one-on-ones to her upcoming retreat in Thailand)

  • Tools and apps that she uses to run her business and work with clients, all remotely, plus why she hired an assistant and then a business manager

  • How she transitioned from running her business in DC to being on Remote Year, and what changed (for better and worse) in her business and her life

  • How she spends her time with clients and on Remote Year, and how being in Asia has changed her schedule and workflow

  • How she came up with the idea for a special Thailand retreat focused on writing - happening in Koh Phangan (in 2016)

  • Some of the surprising consequences of being on Remote Year, both positive and negative, and the ways in which it doesn’t matter where she is for what she does and how she lives

  • The benefits of working remotely and traveling, but also the (potentially) unsustainable nature of it and the desire to have a home

  • How she spends her non-work time and weekends on Remote Year (and whether she has any boundaries between life and work)

  • Her future goals for her career and ideal situation, plus an issue she hopes to contribute to in the future

  • Her advice for people who think what they want isn’t possible for them or that they need to be better or different to start making their dreams happen (although she challenges the notion of finding “your passion”)

  • Her mantra: the next step is always possible, and opportunities come from creating your own game-changing moments: get internships and experience (even if you don’t think you can work for free)

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